Sweet, Robert 1782-1835

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Sweet was a horticulturist and served apprenticeship as a gardener. He was a nurseryman for a time and finally cultivated a garden selling plants to his friends. He was author of several valuable books including:

Hortus Suburbanus Londinensis; or a catalogue of Plants cultivated in the neighborhood of London, arranged according to the Linnean System. (1818)
The Hothouse and Greenhouse Manual, or Botanical Cultivator giving full instructions for the management and best method of cultivating and propagating all the plants cultivated in the hothouses, green-houses and borders in the gardens of Great Britain. (1820), Second edition 1825.
Hortus Britannicus: or a catalogue of all plants cultivated in the gardens of Gt. Britain whether exotic or indigenous arranged according to the natural orders to which they belong with references to the Linnean Classes and Orders, etc. (1826).

He also edited several periodicals. These were:

The Geraniacae, or drawings of the natural order of geraniums, commenced in 1820. (1820-1830) 5 volumes
The British Flower Garden (1822)
The Cistinece, or natural order of Cistus (1825)
The Flora Australasica (1827-1828)
The Florist's Guide and Culivators Directory, or drawings of the choicest Florists flowers. (1827) Two volumes (1828-1832)

The British Flower Garden has been called a "treasure."