Morison, Robert 1620-1683

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Morison was born at Aberdeen, Scotland in 1620. His life was "spent in atmosphere of the court and the county seat".

Morison studied botany under Robin, Botanist to the King of France. He became very successful in his work and was invited to return to England and become physician to the king and Royal Professor of Botany and Director of Botanic Gardens (1668). From this time until his death he was Professor of Botany at Oxford. He was author of: Hortus Regius Blesensis (1669) and Plantarum Historiae Universalis Oxoniensis (1680). He described herbaceous plants and obtained information from the work of Cesalpino and others. It has been stated that "his career marks the birth of academic botany in Britain". He has been given credit for formulating a pattern of plant classification from which later de Jussieu, de Candolle and Benthan and Hooker were to develop their system of classification. Morison in 1683, while crossing Trafalgar Square was struck by a coach and died the following day.

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