Mattioli, Pier Andrea (Matthiolus) 1501-1577

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Mattioli was born in Siena, Italy, the son of a physician. He became a physician himself and practiced in several towns and successively to various members of the aristocracy until he died of the plague in 1577.

His principal work was Commentarii in Sex Libros Pedacii Dioscorides (1544). It was translated into many languages and appeared in 60 editions as it became the standard text on Dioscorides. It was one of the most widely read books on botany of the period. First editions alone included 32,000 copies. He traveled in Italy and Austria. Many people sent plants to him and he became "a magnet of botanical information." The Latin editions made Mattioli available to every student of botany and medicine in Europe.

The Works of Pedanios Dioscorides