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[[:Category:Growing Guide]] - Illustrated growing guides for various greenhouse crops.
[[:Category:Growing Guide]] - Illustrated growing guides for various greenhouse crops.
todays bug of the day [[osu_turfwiki:Annual_Bluegrass_Weevil]]

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Welcome to PlantFacts

PlantFacts has merged several digital collections developed at Ohio State University to become an international knowledge bank and multimedia learning center.

Internet search engine - Most concentrated search engine dealing strictly with plants. Over 260,000 pages of information from every land-grant university in the U.S. and several government institutions across Canada. Also includes academic information about college degree programs, requirements, scholarships, career opportunties, research projects, and online courses. http://plantfacts.osu.edu/web/

Images - (formerly Plant Dictionary) - A searchable database of high quality images featuring Ornamental plants, Turf, Plant Diseases, and Insects. http://plantfacts.osu.edu/images.lasso

Videos - Collection of 200 short gardening how-to videos, ranging from tips on basic landscaping to lessons on deadheading roses. Hosted by Tom McNutt, gardening expert for NBC4 in Columbus. http://hcs.osu.edu/plantfacts/movies/

GardenTips - Illustrated answers to over 800 commonly asked Gardening Questions, ranging from when to plant annuals to watering large shade trees. http://plantfacts.osu.edu/faq/

PlantFacts Glossary - Illustrated definitions of commonly used horticultural and turfgrass science terms.

Category:Growing Guide - Illustrated growing guides for various greenhouse crops.