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Welcome to PlantFacts

PlantFacts has merged several digital collections developed at Ohio State University to become an international knowledge bank and multimedia learning center.

Images - A searchable database of high quality images featuring Ornamental plants, Turf, Plant Diseases, and Insects.

GardenTips - Illustrated answers to over 800 commonly asked Gardening Questions, ranging from when to plant annuals to watering large shade trees.

PlantFacts Glossary - Illustrated definitions of commonly used horticultural and turfgrass science terms.

Category:History of Horticulture - In the Autumn of 1968, Professor Freeman S. Howlett taught Horticulture 805, a course titled "The History and Literature of Horticulture: From Earliest Times to the Present." The information presented herein constitutes Professor Howlett's course outline that was distributed to students. A copy of his Course Preface is also provided.

Category:Growing Guide - Illustrated growing guides for various greenhouse crops.