Longworth, Nicholas 1783 - 1863

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Nicholas Longworth, often called the "father of American grape culture" was born in Newark, New Jersey. Early in his life he settled in Cincinnati where he became a most successful and wealthy merchant.

He early became interested in grapes and by means of utilizing the cultivar Catawba he established grape culture as a successful venture on the hills adjoining the city of Cincinnati. As a matter of fact Longworth and several other horticulturists made Cincinnati the horticultural center of what at that time was called "The West."

He observed that many strawberry cultivars required cross pollination. He introduced Ohio Everbearing raspberry which was the first improved cultivar of Rubus occidentalis.

In 1846 he issued a pamphlet entitled The Cultivation of the Grape and Manufacture of Wine. He also was responsible for one entitled, Character and Habits of the Strawberry Plant. He also contributed a chapter on the strawberry to Buchanan's Culture of the Grape.

The history of Ohio fruit culture would not be complete without mentioning the initiative and imagination of Longworth in his efforts to further horticulture in its varied aspects in Southwestern Ohio and in Cincinnati in particular.