Jekyll, Gertrude 1843-1935

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Miss Jekyll belonged to an English family with a background of intelligence and culture. She was brought up in a family which loved music and other arts. She learned to know flowers and trees with an intimacy and warmth which influenced and stimulated everyone who knew her during her long life.

She met William Robinson and she became interested in his viewpoints and ideas. She wrote articles for his magazine and in 1880 began to design gardens. The style of gardening which appealed to her was "woodland and water treated 'naturally' in the Robinsonian manner." Her sense of color and planting for color effect was the best known of anyone in England. She was much interested in choosing the best plants. She set a high standard for plant material and was not influenced by the current fashion of the wealthy.

In addition to her articles she wrote several books which had a wide circulation in England. Among these were:

Jekyll, Gertrude, Wood and Garden (1899)
Home and Garden (1900)
Jekyll, Gertrude and Edward Mawly, Roses for English Gardens (1902)
Jekyll, Gertrude, Old West Surrey (1904)
Flower Decoration in the House (1907)
Children and Gardens (1908)
Color in the Flower Garden (1908)
Annuals and Biennials (1920)
Jekyll, Gertrude and Christopher Hussey, Garden Ornament (1927)
Jekyll, Gertrude, Wall, Water and Woodland Gardens (1933)

William Robinson and Miss Jekyll, states Hadfield, "set the pattern of the best in English gardens for many decades."

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