Hovey, Charles Mason 1810 - 1887

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Charles Hovey was a nurseryman and seed merchant as well as a successful journalist. He was born and lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Early he began to collect and exhibit many cultivars of pear, apple, plum, and grape. He was also interested in florist and ornamental plants, particularly the Camellia and Chrysanthemum. These were exhibited at the shows of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society which Bailey has called "the center of horticultural influence of the country." He developed the Hovey strawberry which first fruited in 1836 and which has been considered as the starting point of American strawberry production. It was the standard cultivar for many years.

He was editor of the Magazine of Horticulture which had an uninterrupted existence from 1835 to 1868. It was founded as the American Gardener's Magazine but the name was changed in 1837 to Magazine of Horticulture. Its period of activity was the longest of any American horticultural journal. It recorded horticultural progress for over 30 years. It should be stated that it was modeled after Loudon's Gardener's Magazine.

Hovey was the author of Fruits of America which was issued in two volumes from 1852 to 1856. These volumes contained more than 100 colored plates. Its purpose was to describe the "choicest varieties cultivated in the United States."

Notable Early Strawberry Breeders of America

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