Hippocrates 460-375 B.C.

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Hippocrates was born on the island of Cos in the Eastern Mediterranean about 460 B.C. He was taught the art of medicine by his grandfather and father who had practiced medicine before him. He traveled extensively in Greece. He was consulted by some of the principal rulers in southeastern Europe and in Asia Minor. He possibly lived until 85 years of age with the date of his death about 375 B.C.

It is probable that the writings which are credited to Hippocrates were composed by several individuals of the same name. Sarton states that the scientific nature of the writings of Hippocrates is very outstanding due to the careful observations, moderate judgments, and love of truth. Furthermore, as far as could be done, superstitions and irrelevant philosophy were rejected. The raising in the level of medicine by the end of the 5th Century from that current earlier has been called the "Hippocratic Revolution."

Antiqua Medicina From Homer to Hippocrates

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The Hippocratic Oath

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