Googe, Barnaby 1540-1594

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Googe was a minor poet who translated Foure Bookes of Husbandrie (1577) which had been written by the Dutch writer Conrad Heresbach (1508). This has been called the "quaintest Gardening Book ever written." It contains very little practical information. The reader becomes the unseen guest in a small country home of the early 16th Century. (See pp. 70-75, Johnson, History of Gardening).

The interesting title of the book again is: Foure Bookes of Husbandrie, collected by M. Con-radus Heresbachius, Counseller of Cleue; Contayning the whole arte and trade of hus-bandry, with the ambiguitie, and commendati-on thereof. Englished and in-creased by Barnaba Googe, Esquire. Genesis 3:19. Subsequent editions appeared in 1578, 1586, 1601, 1614, 1631, 1658.