Dodoens, Rembert 1517-1585

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Dodoens was the first Belgian botanist of world-wide renown. He studied at Louvain and visited medical schools in France, Italy and Germany and finally became doctor and court physician to Maximillian II. He was professor of Botany at the University of Leiden.

His interest in the medical aspects of botany led him to write a herbal entitled Cruydeboeck, and to illustrate it, using wood blocks employed in the Octavo edition of Fuch's work. A number of engravings were added. It was published in Flemish in 1554 by Van der Loe. The French edition was known as Histoire des Plantes. This was later translated into English and was known as A Niewe Herball (1578). His final work was Pemptades (1583). He was also responsible for Hortus Floridus (1614), an early gardening book printed in Amsterdam. It represented cultivated garden flowers and was not strictly a herbal.

Cruydeboeck by Rembert Dodoens