Chandler, William H. 1878 -

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Dr. Chandler was born in Missouri where he obtained his B.S. Degree at the University of Missouri in 1905 and his Ph.D. in 1914. After holding an assistant professorship at Missouri from 1910 to 1913 he became Professor of Pomology at Cornell University in 1919, a post he held until 1923. From 1923 to 1938 he was Professor of Pomology at the University of California and Professor of horticulture from 1938 to 1948. He was also Assistant Dean from 1938 to 1943. He was a member of the various horticultural, botanical and physiological organizations and the author of the following works:

Fruit Growing (1925)
North American Orchards (1928)
Deciduous Orchards (1942) Several editions, the last being in 1956.
Evergreen Orchards (1949) last edition

He is the author of numerous bulletins and papers on the various aspects of fruit growing particularly with reference to sap concentration, responses of trees to pruning, little leaf or rosette of fruit trees, chilling requirements for bud opening.

He has been of particular inspiration to his students and was voted one of the three greatest living horticulturists several years ago. Following retirement, Dr. Chaldler lived in Beverly Hills, California.