Bartram, William 1739-1823

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William Bartram was the son of John Bartram. John had been declared by Linnaeus as "the greatest natural botanist in the world." William extended his father's explorations and made extensive plant collections as well. As a result, William earned for himself an outstanding reputation as an early American plant explorer and a plant taxonomist as well. William Bartram's accounts of the Indians among whom he spent time and his descriptions of America as he saw it was of much importance to the natural history of Eastern America. Both John and William Bartram were well acquainted with many of the political leaders of the colonies and both corresponded with many distinguished European botanists and horticulturalists.

William Bartram likewise traveled extensively throughout Eastern United States and continued the activities abroad which had made his father so famous.

Reference: John and William Bartram Botanists and Explorers, University of Pennsylvania Press 1940

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