Abercombie, John Brown 1726-1800 (approx)

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Abercombie was the son of a market gardener and became himself a gardener and nurseryman. His knowledge was obtained entirely from experience.

His books indicate the extent to which horticulture was not being subdivided into its various components. Most books were popular and went through several editions. Among his books are the following:

Every Man His Own Gardener (1767)
The Universal Gardener and Botanist (1770)
The Garden Mushroom, Its Nature and Cultivation (1779)
The British Fruit Garden and Art of Pruning (1779)
The Complete Forcing Gardener, etc. (1781)
The Propagation and Botanical Arrangement of Plants and Trees, Useful and Ornamental (1785)
The Complete Kitchen Gardener and Hot-Bed Forcer (1789)
The Hot-House Gardener (1789)
The Gardener's Pocket Journal and Annual Register (1791)

These works were the standard gardening manuals throughout the latter half of the 18th and the first half of the 19th Centuries and gradually supplanted those of Philip Miller.