Barry, Patrick 1816-1890

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Barry was a nurseryman, editor, and author. He came to America at 24 years of age and after service in the Prince Nursery became founder at Rochester, New York, of the Mount Hope Nurseries. With George Ellwanger he introduced fruit growing to Western New York at a time when there were no collections of fruits, no railroads or telegraphic facilities. From 1844 to 1852 he edited The Genessee Farmer, an excellent paper which finally merged into The Cultivator and Country Gentleman. After the death of A.J. Downing, he took over The Gardening Magazine. He published Treatise on the Fruit Garden (1851), which was revised as Barry's Fruit Garden in 1872.

The catalogue of fruits which he compiled for the American Pomological Society was a monumental activity. He was instrumental in establishing Rochester as a nursery region and Western New York as a great fruit growing region. He is considered to be in the front ranks of American pomologists along with the Downings, Warder and Thomas, whose combined influence had a great influence toward establishing large scale orcharding in America.

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George Ellwanger and Patrick Barry