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PCT - Pest Control Technology Magazine on the App Store on iTunes

GIE Media, Inc.


PCT, the professional pest management industry’s leading trade publication, “comes alive” in a state-of-the-art App from GIE Media. Each monthly issue of the publication provides comprehensive coverage of this essential service industry, providing the latest news and market analysis in an easy-to-read and highly entertaining package. PCT’s award-wining editorial content is complemented by a wide array of digital enhancements including video, touch points, photo slide shows, animation, website links, audio podcasts, interactive advertising, and much, much more. Pest management professionals are no longer simply reading about the pest management industry, now they’re experiencing it!

Turfpath on the App Store on iTunes

John Kaminski


Turfpath is the only resource you'll ever need to help you solve all of your turfgrass pest problems. This app has been developed by turfgrass professionals and is intended for use by anyone interested in managing their golf course, athletic field or home lawn to the highest level.

Featured within the mobile application are pest descriptions, image galleries, and updated control products. While these resources are an invaluable tool for turfgrass professionals and enthusiasts alike, it is the wealth of active users that makes this the most powerful pest management tool in the palm of your hand.

Turfpath focuses on the virtual interaction of turfgrass managers from around the world. Find out what others in your area are reporting. Receive active pest notifications. Upload your pest images to solve your pest problem and receive suggested controls.

If that's not enough, we also have created a system of points and badges to reward active users. Earn points for reporting pest problems, commenting on others' questions, sharing information on social networks and various other ways.

If you're looking for the most comprehensive mobile resource for turfgrass professionals then look no farther. Satisfaction guaranteed...if you're not happy with the app then we will give your money back. Oh wait, it's already free! Download it now and check back often.

This isn't your typical static resource. We're constantly updating our database with new features.

IPMPro on the App Store on iTunes

University of Tennessee Research Foundation


A tour de force of nursery and landscape pest management, IPMPro mobile device app. will streamline your pest management decision-making, employee training, and make complying with state pesticide recordkeeping regulations easy! Major pest and cultural practices reference at your finger tips! Automatic text-like alerts for time-sensitive pest issues and cultural practices -alert date adjusted specifically for your location!Viewable as a calendar or chronological list of action items for easy reference! Contains images, pest lifecycle, and management options for major pests of woody plants! Provides pesticide recommendations for major diseases and insects! Built-in pesticide recordkeeping to make outdoor, and on-the-go recordkeeping easy! BONUS Weed content! You will need an internet connection to initially set up the app on your mobile device and to view images - our image database is extensive and would overload a mobile device!!

Bug & Weed Identifier

The Bug & Weed Identifier by Spectracide® is the premier tool for solving your weed and bug problems. The Bug & Weed Identifier helps you identify the pests in your lawn, garden and home, like ants or dandelions, and pinpoints the best solution for controlling them. Use the four dashboard tools to rid your space of unwelcome guests:• Pest Guidebook helps you identify the bugs & weeds in your lawn, garden or home.• Capture & Compare lets you snap pest images then place them side by side with those in the pest guide or email an expert for help.• Locate a Retailer finds the Spectracide retailer nearest you.• UPC Scan & Learn provides product information and helpful how-to videos.People are calling this innovative app “very cool!” 5 stars“This app is very informative & has some cool features. I like being able to take a photo & email Spectracide to find out what it is.” – User Review

MyTraps on the App Store on iTunes

Spensa Technologies, Inc

Description lets growers easily enter and manage pest data across all of their fields and orchards.

Sign up for free at

- Enter pest data directly from the field.
- Easily find traps.
* Deploy traps using the mobile app to record exact location.
* When entering data, view your location and the trap on a map.
* Sort trap list by proximity. The closest is always at the top of the list.
- No signal in the field? No problem. Enter data and MyTraps will upload when you have a connection.
- Visualize pest populations on a graph or map.
- Record and visualize scouting notes with MyTraps Scout.

Thistles of South Dakota on the App Store on iTunes

South Dakota State University


This guide was compiled to provide an aid for the rapid identification of the more common pest and non-pest thistle species in South Dakota. Because of the great expense of managing and controlling invasive thistles in rangelands, pastures, and croplands, it is essential to be accurate in the identification of any species at hand. The recognition of native species not only helps maintain local biodiversity, but also prevents wasted effort, controls costs, and minimizes herbicide use and chemical pollution.

Greenhouse Management

GIE Media, Inc.
Greenhouse Management offers a wide range of plant production, business management, disease/pest control and news content to growers of both annual and perennial ornamental plants under cover. We strive to keep our U.S. and Canadian readers abreast of the latest technological and procedural advancements that can help them increase efficiency and improve operations.

SmartFarm on the App Store on iTunes

Spensa Technologies, Inc


Simplot SmartFarm gives you real-time access to pest data and scouting notes from your orchards, vineyards and fields.

Citrus Pests Key

Citrus is one of the most important commercially grown agricultural products in the United States. Additionally, many citrus varieties are backyard crop plants, providing important sources of food at a local community level. As a result, citrus is one of the most economically important groups of plants. Numerous insect pests threaten the citrus industry and backyard citrus trees through feeding damage, while other pests vector diseases that are potentially lethal.Citrus Pests Key is aimed primarily at extension agents, inspectors, and other plant professionals with access to a light microscope and hand lens. It is designed to help users determine which type of citrus insect pest they have encountered by featuring an interactive key coupled with illustrated, descriptive fact sheets for each pest. Citrus Pests Key is intended to be used as a screening aid. For definitive species identification, specimens should be sent to an expert for verification.During the initial development of the key, an advisory committee developed a comprehensive list of over 300 pest and beneficial arthropods that needed to be considered for inclusion into the key. Since the key was designed and scoped as a basic screening aid to support survey and detection support, 51 total species from the comprehensive list were selected by the authors based on the following criteria:- commonly found insect pests on cultivated citrus in the U.S. as determined by the Citrus Pest Advisory Committee,- citrus insect pests that have been intercepted at U.S. ports but have not become established,- insect pests that have entered the U.S. but have now been eradicated, and- exotic insect pests of immediate concern to U.S. cultivated citrus.Key authors: Sarahlynne Guerrero, Jennifer Weeks, Amanda Hodges, Kirk Martin, and Norman LepplaThis key is part of a complete Citrus Pests tool: Mobile key developed by USDA APHIS ITP

Pest Reference for Collections

zak software inc
A Reference and learning tool for collections, museums and libraries.The Collection Pests Reference is a reference and learning tool for the caretakers of all types of collections.This app is provided by, a site developed and maintained by ZAKS.COM. Collection Pests is an online pest tracking and information storage system for Museums, Libraries, Archives, Historical Institutions and Societies and Galleries.The initial database contains 28 of the most common pests of concern to collection caretakers. The database contains the Common and Scientific names of the pests, the scientific order, the risk assessment according to the guidelines developed by the Musuempests Working Group and an image of the pest.The pests included in this release are:Firebrat, Varied Carpet Beetle, Brown Banded Cockroach, Larder Beetle, True Powderpost Beetle, House Mouse, Norway Rat, Black Larder Beetle, American Cockroach, Book Lice or Pscocids, Odd Beetle, Gnat, Spider Beetle, Drain Fly, Brown House Moth, Casemaking Clothes Moth, Deathwatch Beetle, Drugstore Beetle, Furniture Beetle, Furniture Carpet Beetle, German Cockroach, Hide Beetle, Oriental Cockroach, Silverfish, Warehouse Beetle, Webbing Clothes Moth, White Shouldered House Moth and the Woodlouse Hunter Spider.Also included are the FLASH CARDS created by the students at Fleming College attending The Museum Management and Curatorship Program. There are 9 cards of the most popular pests. There is a whimsical drawing of each pest along with a realistic rendition - a great teaching tool for children and those new to pests in collections.In addition we are very pleased to include the ID CARDS developed by Christina Cain from the University of Colorado Natural History Museum. This set feature actual photos of pests in was created by Zak Software, a contributor to the groundbreaking work of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group. Their web site is at ideas would be welcome - please contact us with yours.Leon Zak, CollectionsPests and Zpests creator.