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Garden Manager : Plant Alarm

'Garden Manager' app is an essential gardening tool.Save time with various gardening alarms.Why don't you try making a vegetable garden and planting lettuce, peppers or other vegetables?You can keep track of their growing progress and share it via Facebook or Twitter.Buy flowerpots, get outside, feel and enjoy the clean air.'Garden Manager' will help a lot.* Features1. Various alarms - You will never forget to water your plants again. - You can set alarms for fertilizing, spraying pesticide and so on. Custom tasks are also available. - When you set the alarm, it will remind you on time.2. Plant photo log - Take pictures of and make notes about your treasured plants. - When you sow and harvest seeds, you can experience the fun of writing notes about them and keeping track of the growing progress observed in your garden. - If you write the widths / heights of your plants in each log, you can see them on the graph. 3. Sharing - You can brag about your logs to your friends via facebook, twitter and so on. - Or ask them why your plants are withering.4. Finding nearby florists - You can find florists near you.* TIPS: If the app locks up on you when adding photos, disable photo cropping. - Jesse Oliver - * Are there any problems?* Please contact us - -

Lawn Maintenance Calendar on the App Store on iTunes

CleverMatrix LTD


✭✭✭✭✭ As featured in the Sunday Times - 'THE TOP 500 APPS IN THE WORLD' ✭✭✭✭✭

Many people enjoy gardening, but just don't know where to start when it comes to keeping a nice lawn. The lawn is laid and it looks perfect, but it usually goes down hill after its first season. The Lawn Maintenance Calendar application provides you the gardener, with tasks that need to be carried out for you to keep and maintain the perfect garden lawn. The tasks are split out into months, detailing what should be done each month to keep your lawn in tip top condition. The application also contains a glossary giving detailed information of the following lawn maintenance tasks: Aeration, Feeding, Mowing, Scarification, Top Dressing and Watering.

This application will help you get the perfect garden lawn.

Coming soon - lawn disease and weed section. With more updates planned in the future to give a definitive lawn care guide.

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MyGardenLife on the App Store on iTunes

Extreme Technology


Backed by horticulturalists, MyGardenLife is the mobile app for garden lovers! MyGardenLife is a handy helper in the garden, allowing you to easily look up plant care information in the vast Plant Library – which contains thousands of plants! This library provides various care tips, including: available colors, bloom time, plant light, companion plants and much more!
The easy-to-use interface lets you navigate through each section, with the ability to easily return to the home screen at any time.
Key Features of MyGardenLife:
•Find a Plant – Built- in search tool allows you to look up your plants quickly and easily using the plant library which is packed with information, including bloom times, care tips, seasonality and images.
•Zone Finder – Determine your hardiness zone by using the handy map legend or simply enter your zip code and allow the Zone Finder to find it for you.
•Scan a Plant – This built-in QR code scanner will retrieve plant information from plant tags
•Resources – A variety of tools, tips and do-it-yourself projects for your garden.
•My Plants - Ability to save and store all of your favorite plants. This makes an easy reference for care instructions for all of the flowers and plants you have growing in your garden.
•Recipes – Find seasonal recipes and turn your garden into a delicious dish.

Bee-friend your garden

WildKnowledge Ltd
Life for pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and moths is increasingly difficult, with many species numbers in decline. We are asking you to record the insects that visit your garden to build our understanding of which plants are most attractive to these insects. You will be participating in a Citizen Science project that will generate thousands of insect observations of the plants that pollinating insects like to visit. This app enables you to:• Record details of the pollinating insects on your chosen plants• Plot these results to see which of your plants is the most popular• Upload the data to our central databaseThe data you gather, along with the photos you take, will be used in a research project being undertaken by the University of Sussex. The Earthwatch Institute in association with Waitrose and The Crown Estate is facilitating this research. So what are you waiting for? Bee-friend your garden!

Flower Finder

Pentagono Editrice
Find the garden flowers balcony flowers or cut flowers that best suit your needs and enjoy thousands of flower photos. Tired of planting the same flowers each year? Tired of seeing everything wilt and die on your balcony or in your garden?Do you want to print out your search results?Are you looking for beautiful flower photos to use as wallpaper on your PC? Register now for free and start searching.It's not like browsing through a catalogue or a photo gallery: this is new tool for building your virtual garden using the colors you prefer and to your garden's situation.Click on Flower Finder and start your search anywhere you want and continue applying filters until you are satisfied with the results. Each time a filter is applied allow the page enough time to reload your results before applying the next filter.

FREE Grow Your Own Organic Herbs from Garden Organic on the App Store on iTunes

The Other Hat


"Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" from Garden Organic is a FREE handy, quick-reference tool, providing tips and advice for all those who want to start growing organic herbs.

"Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" is ideal for those with no experience who want to start organic gardening. It makes a useful quick reference tool for more experienced gardeners and is also recommended for children, the gardeners of the future.

"Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" is the companion app to our other apps, “Grow Your Own Vegetables”, "Grow Your Own Organic Fruits", “Home Composting” and “Organic Gardening Guidelines”.

"Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" is divided into two main sections: Get Started & Grow Herbs.

Get Started
Tips for growing organic including:
- composting
- use of organically grown seeds
- encouraging wildlife that feed on pests
- mulching
- conservation of water
- things to avoid

Grow Herbs
An illustrated A-Z growing guide for popular herb varieties, each with useful facts on:
- suggested species
- how and when to plant
- growing tips
- average growing period
- equipment needed
- germination time
- average plant size
- family group to grow with
- seed information
- when to harvest
- key nutritional content
- PLUS a handy calendar to help you plan your gardening year

Organic gardeners focus their energy into increasing the natural health of their soil, choosing appropriate plant varieties, and working with nature to produce a healthy and productive garden.

The organic approach to growing recognises that all living things depend on one another, from pests and soil to flowers and wildlife, all are inter-related - even us. We are all responsible for how we treat the soil and the environment, to safeguard it for future generations.
By using organic methods for your kitchen garden, allotment, or community garden, you can 'grow your own' free from pesticides in healthy soil maintained with compost from recycled materials.

About Garden Organic
Garden Organic is the UK national charity dedicated to researching and promoting sustainable growing, and has been at the forefront of organic horticulture for over 50 years. Garden Organic has aimed to ensure this app will be of real practical use and cover every aspect of vegetable growing using organic methods.
Organic gardening methods harness the natural cycles and processes that promote plant growth. The app will help users care for the environment and to cut their ‘carbon footprint’ by ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ resources, while creating a flourishing growing space.

Why organic gardening matters
Gardening and growing offers great benefits for us all - benefits for the environment, for people’s health and wellbeing, for food security and for building stronger communities. Our outdoor growing space, be it the private garden, community garden, allotment, school garden, or just a small space nearby, is a place where we relax and recharge both spiritually and physically. It is also a place where we can learn and reconnect with nature and the food we eat and where we can take practical action to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

Using the organic approach to gardening and growing, which Garden Organic has been promoting for over 50 years, will ensure that these benefits can be achieved and enjoyed to their full potential.


Chicago Botanic Garden
Note: We have now fixed the app for the new Android operating system KitKat. The upgrade 1.1.4 is now available. Thank you for your patience!Become better acquainted with all 385 acres of the Chicago Botanic Garden! Packed with information, this Garden Guide mobile application includes an interactive map to help you navigate the 26 gardens and four natural areas uniquely situated on nine islands. Take a walking tour; discover the stories behind our most popular gardens, search for plants, and much more. GardenGuide Features• Timely events and things to see during your visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden.• An interactive map showing your location in relation to locations of classrooms, gardens, buildings, sculptures, and other facilities within the Chicago Botanic Garden.• Audio guides that walk you though the stories behind the most popular display gardens, narrated by Kris Jarantoski, executive vice president and director of the Chicago Botanic Garden.• A search function that pinpoints plant locations within the Garden and provides information about and photos of the plant searched.• Walking tours include interpretation of our most popular gardens, along with helpful tips for birdwatchers and budding photographers and suggestions about fun things to do with children.• A list of “In Bloom” highlights (updated weekly) will alert you to what is currently in bloom, including locations of selected highlighted plants.• A plant trait search will help you find the best plants by the characteristics you choose. • Add “Favorite” Garden places and plants you love, and then share them with your friends or family via Facebook or e-mail.Download your Garden Guide today and enhance your next visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden!

Sprout it Gardening

Växa Design Group
Grow Easy. Grow Smart. Sprout it® is a free app that helps you grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs with it's fully customized garden planner and support. Select plants, schedule plantings and get detailed instructions, reminders and info when you need it most.Here's what you'll get with the Sprout it app:- Library of the most popular plants and varieties, so you can learn which vegetables and herbs are best for your garden and location- Get inspired with themed gardens, projects and recipes- Location-based intelligence to help you time plantings correctly based on your frost date- Option to grow from seed, starter plants, sets and now including support for Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Seed Pods™- Interactive milestones make sure your real garden matches your Sprout it garden- Beautiful illustrations to help you visually track your garden's progress- Reminders, tips, tricks and information specific to your plants and based on your planting dates and preferences- Easy-to-read reference information for plant care, harvest, common problems and storage & cooking- Integrated weather information and alerts to help with protection and recovery when severe weather hitsEvery garden is different and the Sprout it app supports growing a garden that's right for your location and lifestyle—first-timer or experienced, conventional or organic, backyard or patio.Please note: Location information based on postal codes is currently only available in the US, Canada and UK. Further extension of international support will be based on demand.Sprout it is brought to you by Växa Design Group with support from our sponsor, Miracle-Gro®.

Backyard Gardening Tips

Free Fall Apps
This app provides tips on many topics related to gardening today including hydroponics, landscaping and garden design ideas, horticulture and more. With this app you will learn about lawn care, find out about growing tomatoes, be an expert in organic gardening. Enjoy!All rights reserved to the content's respective owners.

Expert Rose Growing

TSW Apps Design
Growing roses is not only easy, but very rewarding giving your garden elegance and your home beautiful cut flowers to delight the eye and nose. Roses are hardy and very forgiving of neglect, yet with some TLC you will have the best flowering plants imaginable