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Garden Center Magazine on the App Store on iTunes

GIE Media, Inc.


Garden Center magazine offers the most comprehensive coverage of the independent retail garden center market in the United States and Canada. Garden Center provides garden center operators with the necessary tools to boost profits and thrive, including relevant industry news and trends, new product information, and business management and marketing tips from the experts.

Garden Design Ideas

Garden design ideas for you. You can save and share all garden designs & decorating photos. This application shows you the galleries of beautiful and impressive garden design ideas and decorations. If you have on idea about your garden, this application can help you. This app. contains the various types of garden designs & decorating such as : - simple, small, modern, - balcony, terrace gardens- backyard, front yard, rock- fairy, patio garden designs ideas - waterfall, ponds - flowers, mediterranean, pathway - Japanese, zen and more.You can get a hundred ideas of garden design and decorating from this application.Application Features:- A hundred pictures of garden design ideas- You can save all pictures to sdcard.- You can share all images to others.- You can set all pictures as wallpaper.- Easy to use: press menu to save, share, and set as wallpaper.

Photo Garden - Visual Garden Journal for Professionals on the App Store on iTunes

Erik Bye


Welcome to Photo Garden! Visually track your gardening progress from week to week. Manage your garden like a professional with Photo Garden.


"Excellent App. Two thumbs up!"
- wcarterhoggard


Mostly everyone has some sort of garden, whether it be a window flower bed or a full vegetable garden. With the Photo Garden app you can track your progress easily with a simple click of your green thumb.

Share photos with friends and family across the country. Easily track your week to week gardening progress. Share or brag about how well your garden is doing with built in sharing through email or Facebook.


Whether you plant vegetables, flowers, bushes, or trees, Photo Garden helps visually track your progress.


Enjoy showing off your garden to friends and family. Photo Garden has an easy to use interface that lets you upload photos of your progress, manage specific gardens and share photos with friends and family via email or Facebook!


Use Photo Garde as a garden management system. Easily track your progress week to week or year to year. Started your tomatoes too late this year? You won’t make that mistake next year with Photo Garden.
Not sure when to pick your carrots? Access photos from last year’s crop to remind yourself of how long they take to grow to your desired size.



1. Create a garden
2. Name your garden
3. Take a picture of your entire garden
4. Add each plant found in your garden
7. Each week, update the photos of your plants and garden
8. Enjoy your collection over time!



GardenGuide of the Chicago Botanic Garden on the App Store on iTunes

Chicago Horticultural Society


Find yourself at the Chicago Botanic Garden
Become better acquainted with all 385 acres of the Chicago Botanic Garden! Packed with information, this Garden Guide mobile application includes an interactive map to help you navigate the 26 gardens and four natural areas uniquely situated on nine islands. Take a walking tour; discover the stories behind our most popular gardens, search for plants, and much more.
Garden Guide Features
β€’Timely events and things to see during your visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden.
β€’An interactive map showing your location in relation to locations of classrooms, gardens, buildings, sculptures, and other facilities within the Chicago Botanic Garden.
β€’Audio guides that walk you though the stories behind the most popular display gardens, narrated by Kris Jarantoski, executive vice president and director of the Chicago Botanic Garden.
β€’A search function that pinpoints plant locations within the Garden and provides information about and photos of the plant searched.
β€’Walking tours include interpretation of our most popular gardens, along with helpful tips for birdwatchers and budding photographers and suggestions about fun things to do with children.
β€’A list of β€œIn Bloom” highlights (updated weekly) will alert you to what is currently in bloom, including locations of selected highlighted plants.
β€’A plant trait search will help you find the best plants by the characteristics you choose.
β€’Add β€œFavorite” Garden places and plants you love, and then share them with your friends or family via Facebook or e-mail.
Download your Garden Guide today and enhance your next visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden!

My Garden Life

Extreme Technology Corporation
Backed by horticulturalists, My Garden Life is the mobile app for garden lovers! My Garden Life is a handy helper in the garden, allowing you to easily look up plant care information in the vast Plant Library Ҁ“ which contains thousands of plants! This library provides various care tips, including: available colors, bloom time, plant light, companion plants and much more! The easy-to-use interface lets you navigate through each section, with the ability to easily return to the home screen at any time. Key Features of My Garden Life: Ҁ’ Find a Plant Ҁ“ Built- in search tool allows you to look up your plants quickly and easily using the plant library which is packed with information, including bloom times, care tips, seasonality and images. Ҁ’ Zone Finder Ҁ“ Determine your hardiness zone by using the handy map legend or simply enter your zip code and allow the Zone Finder to find it for you. Ҁ’ Scan a Plant Ҁ“ This built-in QR code scanner will retrieve plant information from plant tags Ҁ’ Resources Ҁ“ A variety of tools, tips and do-it-yourself projects for your garden. Ҁ’ My Plants - Ability to save and store all of your favorite plants. This makes an easy reference for care instructions for all of the flowers and plants you have growing in your garden. Ҁ’ Recipes Ҁ“ Find seasonal recipes and turn your garden into a delicious dish.

Arlington Garden Guide on the App Store on iTunes

Brendan Mckenney


The Arlington Garden Guide App has three main functions.

The first function is a QR Code scanner. As you walk through the Garden, you will come across garden signs that have an interesting looking image on them in addition to the description of the Garden Room that you have come across. That image is a type of bar code called a Quick Response Code, or QR Code. If you tap on the "Code Scanner" tab of the app, it will allow you to scan the QR Code with your phone to get additional information on the specific Garden Room you are viewing. Go ahead, try it out!

The second function of the app is to provide you your own audio guide through the Garden. As you scroll through the list of Garden Rooms in the Audio Tour tab, tapping on one brings you to an audio selection that tells you about the room. Go ahead, try it out!

The third function of the app is an integrated camera. This is there to make it as easy as possible to take tons of pictures while visiting the Garden without having to switch between the Garden Guide App and your camera app. Go ahead, try it out! If you take any great pictures, please feel free to share them with us via email!

We hope you enjoy using this app. If so, please spread the word!

Stay Green!

Betty and Kicker McKenney
The Constant Gardeners.


Hutchinson Software Pty Ltd
All the information you need to "grow your own" and enjoy your successful vegetable garden. Record your planting information and keep it synced on all your phones! * Winner of 2012 Northern Inland Innovation Awards Professional Services category * Recommended in New York Times '10 freshest picks' for gardening apps 2012.The "Planting Now" calendar lists the vegetables and herbs you can plant every month, and adapts to your preferred planting dates - ideal if you use a greenhouse or cloche.Use the 'Wish List' to plan your garden and record your seed and seedling purchases ready for planting.Contains a detailed guide to growing 90+ of the most popular garden vegetables, with local planting information for the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.Plant lists for planning your garden, detailed growing information on plants, and hints and tips from the community at the information is on your phone and there is no need for an wifi connection while using the app, except if you choose to sync to your other phones!Features include:* Local planting calendar for 90+ of the most popular garden vegetables, herbs, and soft fruits.* Wish list for planning your garden and tracking your seed purchases.* Add your own plants* Add your own notes to any plants to record the best varieties and successes and failures.* Use 'My Garden' to track your plantings, with the predicted harvest dates to assist in your garden planning. Add notes and photos.* General diary notes with photos and Markdown text formatting.* Print out planting and diary notes or save or email as PDF.* "Share your garden" will sync your plantings and notes with your other phones and tablets, Android and iOS.

Garden Compass Plant / Disease Identifier on the App Store on iTunes

TeamSOA, Inc.


If you have a plant, pest or disease you need identified...look no further. The Garden Compass Plant and Disease Identifier app allows you to take a photo and submit it to our team of expert horticultural garden advisors who will identify it for you, as well as provide you with specific product recommendations to resolve any problems you may have. As your photo passes up the queue you will be kept informed as to its progress.

Garden Time Planner by Burpee

The Garden Time app from Burpee is the perfect tool to help gardeners know when to sow, transplant and expect to harvest vegetables and herbs specific to their garden region. The app automatically creates a task list to notify the user when their next sow or transplant date arrives. Included within the app is a full database of plants, local weather, and links to how-to gardening videos.Works best on Android 4.0 devices and above. Runs on Phone and Tablet Devices.

Garden Squared

Deke Brown
Start planning your garden now! This app assists in planning and tracking of square foot gardens, patio container gardens, seedlings, staging , and raised garden beds. When creating a new bed the dimensions can be selected-- ranging from 1 by 1 to 4 by 8 square foot plots. Details of every plot can be saved along with a journal entry/task tracker. This is a valuable tool for creating successful gardens by learning from past success and mistakes. Please contact developer with any errors or bugs. Thanks! @GardenSquared