Cotinus coggygria - Smokebush
Family: Anacardiaceae

Hear the scientific name

Cotinus coggygria is a large shrub to small tree that has ornamental pedicels above the foliage, resembling a cloud of smoke. Common Smokebush also has ornamental purple-foliaged forms.

F   E   A   T   U   R   E   S
  form2 form Form

-large shrub or small tree

-to 12' tall x 12' wide

-spreading, rounded to irregular

-medium growth rate (12-18" per year)

foliage2 foliage Foliage

-dark green to blue-green or purple (depending on cultivar); oval to obovate, entire leaves with prominent veins; alternate but becoming clustered at stem apex

-yellow, red, orange, purple, or yellowish green autumn color; inconsistent, but usually good



-ornamental effect is derived from the pedicels, which are large, multi-branched, and hairy, either green or purple-pink, and resembling a cloud of smoke hovering above the foliage; June-Sept.




-smooth, somewhat flattened at apex; mature stems heavily lenticeled, brown-purple, with small dark buds


-slightly furrowed

-light brown

C   U   L   T   U   R   E


-full sun to partial shade

-grows best in a sunny location and a

well-drained loam however, it is very useful in dry, rocky soil

-adaptable to various soils and pHs

-the most serious disease is Verticillium wilt; very susceptible; entire branches wilt and die; prune out infected branches, and fertilize and water the plant during dry weather

-oblique-banded leaf roller mines and rolls the leaves, usually in June; rarely occurs in sufficient numbers to warrant control; when it does occur, they can be picked off by hand

-abundantly available, especially foliage variants


-zones 4 to 8


-native to Southern Europe and Central Asia

U   S   A   G   E


-foliage color variants

-showy pedicels in summer


-some stem dieback due to various diseases


-rows, borders, specimen shrub, groups, mass plantings


-bold in foliage and when bare

S   E   L   E   C   T   I   0   N   S

Varieties and Cultivars - Search OSU PlantFacts for additional plants in this species


-shrubs with summer flowering effect; shrubs with purple or red-purple summer foliage; shrubs with bold textured branching


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