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My Lawn from Scotts

The ScottsMiracle-Gro Company
The NEW My Lawn app from Scotts helps simplify lawn care like never before. It learns about your lawn and provides smart recommendations crafted just for you, to help you get the lawn you want.EASY TO USE – Create your personal lawn care plan in five simple steps.PERSONALIZED – Custom recommendations based on your lawn size, grass type, location, and weather.AUTOMATED – Tells you when to feed, seed, and water your lawn.----- KEY FEATURES ----- - My Lawn Care Plan: Build your custom Lawn Care Plan, and the app creates a plan to feed, seed, and water your yard for the entire year. Tap on a card to learn more about the specifics of each activity and the right products for your lawn. Use the Activities tab to view your full year of activities, as well as activities from past years. You can also add your own tasks and notes that will show up in your activities list, and you’ll receive reminders for any additional Feed and Seed tasks that you add.- Feed and Seed Activities: After setting up a Lawn Care Plan, My Lawn recommends Feed and Seed products that are right for you, and also helps plan the right time to apply them. For all recommended activities, the app will review the climate in your area and send a push notification for when you should apply that product (if push notifications are turned on). Once within your product application date range, you’ll be prompted to tell the app if you’ve “Applied” or “Skipped” a Scotts recommended product. The app takes note, and builds out the rest of that year’s Lawn Care Plan accordingly.- Watering Recommendations: Getting enough water is crucial to healthy grass – around one inch of water weekly is recommended for all lawns. The Water section of your Lawn Care Plan helps you know when it's a good idea to water your lawn, and how much, by showing you total rainfall over the past week. It also shows you the chance of rain tomorrow to help you water the right amount- Seed Success: The Seed Success guide helps you successfully grow grass seed – whether clearing up patches or overseeding for a more full look. The app will help you find the seed that’s right for you. Or if you already have a Scotts grass seed product, you can scan the bar code to get started. Once you have chosen a grass seed product, enter a date, and the app will let you know its expected progress with actual images of that particular product’s growth over time. With proper care instructions and the images to guide you, you are on your way to seed success!- Live Chat: Get access to Scotts representatives for any of your lawn care needs. Whether you have a question about how much product to use, or need help identifying and removing a specific type of weed, you’ll always have the knowledge of Scotts experts just a tap away.- Weed Identifier: Take a picture of any weed in your yard and send it to Scotts. We’ll get back with you on what it is and how to get rid of it without harming your lawn.- Mulch Calculator: Know how much mulch to get for the coverage you want. Just enter the dimensions of the area you plan to mulch, choose the coverage depth, and the app will automatically calculate how much mulch you need.- Tips: Helpful articles for all your lawn care needs in the Tips section are kept fresh throughout the year.


British Geological Survey
mySoil lets you take a soil properties map of Britain and Europe with you wherever you go and with your phone's GPS you'll know exactly where you are.Add information to mySoil by uploading your own soil description, pH, texture and photos.mySoil is for anyone with an interest in the soil; including gardeners, farmers, students, environmentalists and land-use planners.mySoil is a free app from the BGS and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.


Spensa Technologies is a platform to help growers reduce pesticide use. The MyTraps mobile app provides a way for growers to record pest data directly from the field.


iNet Solutions Group, Inc
The National Agri-Marketing Association’s (NAMA) App features news for the association, conference information, chapter and national events and a directory listing.

Pesticide Recordkeeping (PeRK)

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln
The Pesticide Recordkeeping App, or “PeRK”, is developed by the University of Nebraska-Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program. PeRK provides an easy, step-by-step data entry process to enter pesticide application data and meets all Nebraska recordkeeping laws for private and commercial/noncommercial pesticide applicators. Location is found by GPS or manually entered. Records are saved within the app and can be exported via email.

PGR Mix Master

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
Quickly and accurately calculate dilutions for all your greenhouse PGR needs!PGR Mix Master is a tool to assist commercial greenhouse personnel in calculating correct dilutions for plant growth regulators. The application was developed by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension with financial support from Fine Americas, Inc.PGR Mix Master can calculate dilutions for most PGRs available to commercial greenhouses, these include:• A-Rest• Abide• Atrimmec• Augeo• B-Nine• Bonzi• Citadel• Concise• Configure• Cycocle• Dazide• Downsize• Fascination• Florel• Florgib• Fresco• GibGro• Pazol• Piccolo• Piccolo 10X• ProGibb• Sumagic• TopflorPGR Mix Master allows the user to specify a product, final dilution volume (in gallons), and dilution concentration (PPM). Once these three inputs are made PGR Mix Master will display the amount of PGR needed to obtain the desired concentration.

Planting Population Calculator

Ag PhD
The Ag PhD Planting Population Calculator aids you in determining planting population and stand counts for the crops on your farm.From Ag PhD - Information for Agriculture. For more agriculture and farm info, watch Ag PhD TV weekly with hosts Brian and Darren Hefty.


Natural Apptitude Ltd
The Environment Agency, the Nature Locator team at the University of Bristol and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have joined forces to help combat the spread of the UK’s most problematic invasive, non-native plant species.These plants are spreading quickly across the UK. They displace native species and detrimentally affect the ecology of many vulnerable habitats. Some also pose a considerable threat to human health. These plants also present a large financial cost to the UK economy with the annual cost of all invasive, non-native species totalling some £2 billion.The first step in tackling this problem is accurately determining where these plants are. In order to do that, we need your help! Please use this app to help us to build a comprehensive picture of the UK’s invasive, non-native plant species.

PSU Turf

Penn State Turfgrass
WE ARE a world leader in the areas of education, research and outreach in the turf industry.Initiated in 1929 through the efforts of committed clientele, it was one of the first turfgrass programs in the nation. It was the first to employ a turfgrass extension specialist (1934), the first to graduate a Ph.D. turfgrass scientist (1950), the first to offer a two-year technical program specifically for golf course superintendents (since 1957), and the first to offer an undergraduate major in turfgrass science (since 1992). But being first is not all that counts; it is the quality of the program that really matters.This app is for current students and alumni to stay informed on upcoming events, Turfgrass news and class schedules.Download now and stay connected with one of the world's most renowned Turfgrass Programs!

Rain Garden

University of Connecticut
The University of Connecticut Center for Land Use Education and Research in UConn’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Connecticut Sea Grant Program developed this App as a resource for homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and others that guides you through the process of designing, installing, and maintain a rain garden. Rain gardens are depressions in the ground that collect rainwater from roofs, driveways, parking areas, or other hard surfaces and use plants to cleanse pollutants from that runoff.The App includes Basic information about what rain gardens are and how they work; guidance on how to design and install them properly; and tips on maintaining your garden. The app includes several short video tutorials to help users with each step of the process.Through the App’s Plant Selector tool users can select native, noninvasive plants and their cultivars that are known to work well in rain gardens. Plants can be selected based on plant type, sun exposure, and bloom color. There are also tools for determining rain garden size based on the size of the area draining to it, a soil drainage map to help determine if a rain garden makes sense in a particular area, and a simple cost calculator to gauge cost. Users can also store information in the App about the Rain Gardens they have installed and set maintenance reminders for multiple gardens. It is currently geared primarily toward users in CT, so the plant catalog and mapping tools are specific to that area. However, the general information and tips are applicable anywhere. We hope to have a nationally applicable version available soon.