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Spray Guide

Precision Laboratories, LLC
Spray Guide from Plant Health Technologies is designed to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products. Spray Guide also captures product use rates and application information with Mix Sheets and conveniently maintains accurate Spray Logs for easy record keeping.Following the proper mixing sequence helps users prevent product incompatibilities and can save applicators time and money by avoiding product loss and sprayer clean out problems. The available Weather Integration feature within the Spray Log helps applicators prevent spray drift risk by displaying weather information, including wind speed and direction, prior to spraying, assisting with documentation and compliance.KEY FEATURES★ Mix Guide: receive a recommended mixing order based on the products selected★ Mix Sheets: capture field size, spray volume, tank size and product use rates and receive rate per acre, per tank and per field for accurate documentation and compliance. Easily share to integrate with existing records.★ Spray Logs: stopwatch and notifications (every 60 minutes) allow you to conveniently record GPS location, time spent spraying and weather details. A notes section also allows for additional record keeping★ Weather Integration: provides wind speed and direction, temperature and conditions integrated with Spray Logs, helping reduce spray drift risks by capturing weather conditions prior to spraying (in-app purchase)★ Mixing Precautions: alerts users of potential tank mixing issues. Note: if an issue is not listed, please let us know through the feedback section and it will be added after review★ My Favorites: select your most-used products for easy access★ Enhanced Sharing: email, Facebook and TwitterIncluded is a database of over 1,300 crop protection products from over 17 manufacturers. Mixing orders can contain up to 19 products from the following categories: •Herbicides (includes PGRs and Defoliants)•Fungicides (includes Bactericides)•Insecticides (includes Miticides and IGRs)•Adjuvants•Foliar Please read and follow all labels to ensure product compatibility.

TeeJet SpraySelect

TeeJet Technologies
The TeeJet Technologies SpraySelect App for broadcast and fertilizer spraying allows you to quickly and easily choose the proper tip for your application. Choosing the right nozzle takes just moments. Just enter speed, spacing and your target rate, select your drop size category and you have a list of tips that will work.Quickly find the best spray nozzle for your broadcast or fertilizer application. All drop size information is based on water spraying at 70 degree F and does not reflect the effects of chemicals mixed in the tank.

Stink Bug Scout

Stink Bug Scout is designed for use by university researchers for making assessments of stink bug populations in fields and across landscapes. At the point of collection, stink bugs are identified by the user, with assistance from pictures in the app database, and then entered into the database and uploaded to EDDMapS by multiple users simultaneously. All data points are stamped with the current time, date, latitude, and longitude and can be downloaded and sorted for further analyses. Stink Bug Scout was developed by the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health in cooperation with the Department of Entomology at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

The Crop Site

5m Digital Publishing
Androids premium news provider for the international crop and agricultural industry * Breaking industry and futures market news * Exclusive international content * Event information from around the world * Easy to use * Offline Access * Search Stored Articles * Integrated events calendar * Favourite Items All the latest crop news and insight as it appears -------------------- To celebrate the launch of, 5m, the publishing company behind the internationally recognised, have developed the free CropSite App. Now you can get the latest international crop news, in-depth feature articles, event details and more delivered direct to your mobile device. Keep informed -------------------- Our leading crop and agricultural news desk provides easy and essential access to the global events that affect your business and industry. Offline availability means access to news where ever you are. When you open the TheCropSite app it automatically downloads and stores new items. Meaning you can read them at your convenience, not for example, only when you have a mobile or wifi signal. Exclusive industry content -------------------- Our editorial team provides real-time industry coverage of not only events, but key government reports and Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures market commentary and analysis. News Desk View -------------------- Items appear as they are published. You can choose to view as a continuous stream or category filtered. Fast and simple -------------------- TheCropSite app has been designed with the user in mind - a single view interface keeps focus on the content. You can easily see what's new, what you've read and what you've added to your favourites. Favourites -------------------- Favourite articles for a swift return and to save indefinitely. For example an annual performance report or a company profile. Events integration with your Android calendar -------------------- Favourite events and they will automatically be made visible on your calendar. This means you'll also receive associated calendar notifications outside TheCropSite app. International Settings -------------------- Customise your news subscription by territory or for a total view get news from across the globe. More item categories and features to come. Thanks to all for their contribution and continued support —

The Plant Doctor

The Plant Doctor provides interactive diagnosis for plant diseases in gardens, landscapes, nurseries and farms. The app collects user-supplied information (text, photographs) about the problem and sends it to a professional plant pathologist with a Ph.D. and more than 20 years of experience in the science. The user promptly receives live communications from the pathologist, including the probable name of the plant disease and causal pathogen, tactics for managing the disease, and contact information for local university experts who may be able to provide more information or examine samples in person. Every year, plant diseases cause tremendous losses to plants and untold human suffering worldwide. One must accurately and quickly identify the causes of disease in order to manage or control it properly. Given the similarity of symptoms among diseases and the thousands of plant pathogens that can cause disease, expert diagnosis is needed in most cases to unravel the confusion and to provide clear direction. Whether you are a home gardener or professional farmer, The Plant Doctor could save you the time and the money that you have invested in your plants.

Turfgrass Weeds

University of Georgia - CAES
Turfgrass Weeds is a virtual flashcard application created as a study tool for turf students at the University of Georgia. The application contains a series of flashcards with pictures of turfgrasses and weeds on the front. Tapping the card flips it over to show the common name, scientific name, family and lifecycle of species. Turfgrass Weeds has a save option for users to group specified flashcards separately for a more effective review.


Mobile Roadie
Turfpath is the only resource you'll ever need to help you solve all of your turfgrass pest problems. This app has been developed by turfgrass professions and is intended for use by anyone interested in managing their golf course, athletic field or home lawn to the highest level.Featured within the mobile application are pest descriptions, image galleries, and updated control products. While these resources are an invaluable tool for turfgrass professionals and enthusiasts alike, it is the wealth of active users that makes this the most powerful pest management tool in the palm of your hand.Turfpath focuses on the virtual interaction of turfgrass managers from around the world. Find out what others in your area are reporting. Receive active pest notifications. Upload your pest images to solve your pest problem and receive suggested controls.If that's not enough, we also have created a system of points and badges to reward active users. Earn points for reporting pest problems, commenting on others' questions, sharing information on social networks and various other ways.If you're looking for the most comprehensive mobile resource for turfgrass professionals then look no farther. Satisfaction guaranteed...if you're not happy with the app then we will give your money back. Oh wait, it's already free! Download it now and check back often.This isn't your typical static resource. We're constantly updating our database with new features.

Urban Farming Assistant Start

Congrats!You found he best app for urban farming! With Urban Farming Assistant grow your vegetables at home easier than ever. Let your device remind you when to water, fertilize and take care of your plants. The App will help you to solve the problems with pests and diseases in your plants. An easy guide will help you to identify potential problems and recommend organic solutions. With Urban Farming Assistant grow and enjoy your own natural and organic food. Urban Farming. Easy.

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager

Linx Systems
John Deere Mobile Farm Manager enables instant on-the-go access to all your agronomic data. You can view any map and any report from any year. View historical applications. Analyze historical reports. Use your Android™ phone or tablet to track your position within your fields. Generate grid zones and perform soil sampling tasks and more! Download Mobile Farm Manager today to discover for yourself how you can drive higher levels of productivity and efficiency in your operation. Features: Map Viewing – View historical application maps Report Viewing – Store and review reports generated by Apex™GPS Tracking – Use your consumer device’s GPS to track your position within a field Navigation – Get directions from your current location to a field in your database Soil Sampling – Generate grid zones and document soil sampling operationAnd More… Mobile Farm Manager is compatible with Apex. See your local John Deere dealer for more detailed information.


The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation is a non-profit organization which arose from the need for better turfgrasses and better methods of turfgrass maintenance. Since its incorporation in 1957, the MTF has achieved success in fulfilling these needs through research and education. Located at the Robert W. Hancock Turfgrass Research Center on the Michigan State University campus, the MTF continues its success in these areas by working closely with the University. The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation membership reflects the full diversity of turfgrass professionals including homeowners, golf courses, seed and sod growers, municipalities, parks and recreational areas, lawn and landscape contractors, sports turf managers, athletic associations, cemetery associations, and other facets of the industry. Membership is offered to everyone interested in the betterment and enjoyment of turfgrass.