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Disease ID

The Cereal Disease ID App is for UK arable farmers and agronomists involved in cereal production. It allows users to have immediate access to information about common diseases of cereal crops enabling in-field identification and understanding of the pathogens responsible. The Cereal Disease ID App is based on the popular Encyclopaedia of Cereal Diseases from BASF & HGCA. Search by common name, pathogen or enter free text search. Explore a range of options related to all common cereal diseases to aid identification and understanding. Features of the Disease ID App include: # Gallery of photographs # Details of the host or crop # Typical symptoms # Disease life cycle # Importance of the disease. The Cereal Disease ID app will be updated as appropriate when new information becomes available. The Cereal Disease ID App is intended for use by UK farmers and agronomists but many of the diseases can be found in other parts of the world. The need to deliver consistent, high yields of high quality grain makes control of cereal diseases an important component of successful crop management. Recognition of the disease and an understanding of the pathogen(s) responsible is the first step in successful disease control. The Encyclopaedia of Cereal Diseases from BASF & HGCA and the new Cereals Disease ID app has been produced to help growers, advisors and others involved in cereal production recognise diseases and learn something about them. Symptoms of both common and less frequently found diseases are illustrated and described, together with an outline of the disease cycle of the pathogen and an indication of the importance of the disease. The Cereal Disease ID App is not intended to be a guide to disease control. Such information is readily available elsewhere, for example the principles of wheat disease management can be found in the HGCA Wheat Disease Management Guide and current information on fungicide performance is published annually on the HGCA website

Drainage Tile Calculator

Ag PhD
The Ag PhD Drainage Tile Calculator helps you determine your tile supply and capabilities for your field drainage project. You can calculate acres drained for single wall and dual wall tile in any size and grade, the pipe size needed to effectively drain acres, and the length of pipe you will need to purchase to complete your project. From Ag PhD - Information for Agriculture. For more agriculture and farm info, watch Ag PhD TV weekly with hosts Brian and Darren Hefty.

Extreme Beans

Envision Mobile Apps
Extreme Beans, an app recently released by the United Soybean Board, allows soybean farmers to access recent soybean research from their mobile phone. Additionally, it includes a calculator that allows them to calculate their required returns and most effective seeding rates in order to generate high yield results.

Growing Degree Days

iNet Solutions Group, Inc
The Growing Degree Days application measures the maturity of your crop by viewing current and past growing degree days data for your farm’s location. Growing degree days (GDD) are a measure of heat accumulation used in ag to predict the date that crops will reach maturity.


Griffith University
This app is designed to assist you in identifying 200 species of plants in 6 different plant communities across all 5 Griffith University campuses. The app is easily-accessible, compact and lightweight and is a perfect companion for fieldwork, environmental studies as well as general interest. It provides an interactive, modern and exciting insight into the green world around us, be you a student, staff member or visitor. We hope you enjoy discovering just what does grow at Griffith.

HARDI Nozzles US

HARDI International A/S
The HARDI nozzle selection tool can help you to choose the right nozzles for the application you are planning. Choose the desired volume and driving speed and select the current wind conditions.

Harvest Landscape Calculator

Harvest Power
Dig in. This app will nourish your landscape. The Landscape Calculator helps determine how much soil, mulch or stone is needed for your next gardening project. Simply enter the depth on the handy slider rule and add in the area and poof! It gives you guidelines on how much bagged or bulk products you will need.In addition this app shows handy fill conversions of soil into pots and hanging baskets. It also shares tips on how to apply compost to flower beds, gardens, lawns, turf surfaces, trees and shrubs, and overall topsoil maintenance. Finally, more than 150 garden-inspired quotes stir the budding soul in any season. Enjoy digging into this app, brought to you by your organics management company, Harvest Power.

Harvest Loss Calculator

Ag PhD
The Ag PhD Harvest Loss Calculator helps you determine how much of your crop you are leaving in the field after harvest. Simply select your crop and input the number of seeds/kernels you count on the ground in a square foot. The app returns a harvest loss calculation in both bushels per acre and pounds per acre.From Ag PhD - Information for Agriculture. For more agriculture and farm info, watch Ag PhD TV weekly with hosts Brian and Darren Hefty.

HarvestMark Food Traceability

YottaMark, Inc.
Named a Top 5 Food App by Over 100 Independent Bloggers. Featured in The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, NBC, ABC, FOX News, and many other outlets. Whether you’ve vowed to eat local, organic, or simply more fruit and vegetables, the HarvestMark app lets you follow your food back to the farm to learn where, when, and how it was grown. Where you see the HarvestMark logo on fresh fruit, vegetables, and even chicken that means you can scan it to get inside information on your food. It’s the only app that delivers information specifically about the food you’re about to buy or have purchased. HarvestMark codes can be found on over 50 fresh fruit and vegetable brands throughout North America including Driscoll’s® Only The Finest Berries™, Fresh Selections and Private Selection by Kroger brands (available at Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Kroger and throughout the Kroger family of stores). Grapes from Grupo Alta and SunWorld, Microbaker potatoes from Progressive Produce, Melons from Borders Melon and Melon 1, asparagus from Alpine Fresh, and tomatoes from Del Campo.

Variety Selector Tool

Bayer CropScience LP
The Bayer CropScience Variety Selector Tool app helps you find the right variety for your field and calculate all of your cottonseed or soybean seed needs in a single application. Great for growers, seed dealers, consultants and agronomists, the Variety Selector Tool lets you: • Compare and evaluate seed varieties • Choose the right variety for your fields • View variety images and growing videos • Input the seeding rate for each variety • Calculate acres per bag • Determine total bag/box needs