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Koubachi helps you care for your precious plants. Koubachi notifies you when* to water your plant* to give fertilizer* to mist the leaves* it's too hot / cold* it's too sunny / shadyand tells you exactly what to do so that your plants grow faster, live longer and bloom more often. And best of all: Koubachi is completely free of charge!Features include:- Works with the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor (except sensor configuration)- Individual care plan for each plant by species with the Koubachi Plant Care Engine- For even more accuracy, you can calibrate your plants- Get push notification when a task is due- Choose the perfect time when to be notified- Plant library containing most common species (continuously growing)- Over-the-air library updates- Adaptive care plans, which learn from our users- Select from various planter shapes and colors- Take pictures of your plants- Send feedback if plant species are missingHow it works:Your plants information is stored on our servers where we run the Koubachi Plant Care Engine. The models used have been developed by top biologist. The system takes into account the plants' species, the current season, your geographic location, and most importantly the water cycle duration from the calibration. When it’s time to water, mist or give fertilizer we will send you a notification including exact instructions.Koubachi - Give your plant a voice!Terms of Service: the Wi-Fi Plant Sensor here:

Aerial Spray

USDA ARS Aerial Application Technology
Aerial Application Technology team is a research group within the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS) who has worked close with the Dept. of Defense’s Deployed Warfighter Protection Program (DWFP) to evaluate a number of sprayers used to spray pest control products targeted insect vectors of human and animal diseases. Using facilities at the U.S. Navy Entomology Center of Excellence, nearly 100 different sprayers have been tested for droplet size under various operational setups (nozzles, pressured, flowrates, spray solutions,etc…). Over the past several years, this data has been incorporated into an extensive database. This app provides users with a quick, easily searchable interface that returns droplet size data for the specified operational setup. The database is structured such that users are requested to select specific operational parameters which include:- Company Name (of the spray system used)- Spray System (model number)- Solution Type (carrier solution used)- Additive/Insecticide- Sprayer Setting/Nozzle- Pressure (psi)- Flowrate (oz/min)- DilutionUsing the above specified parameters, the app will provide droplet size results to the user. These include:- DV0.1, DV0.5, and DV0.9o Droplet size (in µm) such that 10, 50, or 90% of the spray volume, respectively, is contained in spray droplet sizes of equal or less.The results, along with the initial parameters, are time and date stamped and can be saved to the users device under any name of their choice. The app allows for these results to be emailed to any address of their choice. The saved results can be viewed or emailed at any time.


AgDNA® is a powerful mobile farming platform for the agriculture industry. AgDNA features include farm planning, record keeping, boundary mapping, scouting observations, communication tools, data sharing and more.All data is synchronized with your free online AgDNA account allowing activity records and setup details to be retrieved from a web browser or any other AgDNA enabled device. The app also operates offline and synchronizes all data automatically when an online connection is available.AgDNA is the complete mobile farming tool and offers the following benefits:• Easily map field boundaries and calculate total field area• View your entire farm and activities on satellite imagery• Pre-plan upcoming season activities and convert to actual records• Share in-field scouting observations and images with third parties• Enter data easily without a keyboard using the built-in pick list• Capture and geo-reference digital images using the device camera and GPSAgDNA is the must have farming app allowing users to keep track of all their in-field activities and season progress right from their smartphone, tablet or web browser. Download the FREE AgDNA app and manage your precision farming information right from your mobile!


Monsanto Company
Stay on top of market trends, and find the best price for your inventory all from your mobile device. agExchange lets you review bids from local elevators on one screen, so you can determine the best time and place to market your crops. Then, maintain your transaction records in one convenient place. agExchange uses cloud synchronization to securely store your sales, futures and options data for easy access between your tablet and smartphone. Please note, any information entered into this app is stored locally unless you choose to utilize cloud storage through your service provider. The developers of this app cannot access your personal information. Brought to you by Asgrow®, DEKALB® and Deltapine® seed brands.


Monsanto Company
Get all the markets, weather, news and exclusive agronomic advice, in one quick-to-read dashboard. Newest push features agAhead yield trial results. Receive push notifications customized to your location and crop portfolio to keep up with changes in commodity pricing and insect and weather alerts. agIndex turns your smartphone or tablet into a complete agronomic information source, so you can stay fully informed while in the field or on the road. Brought to you by Asgrow®, DEKALB® and Deltapine® seed brands.

Ag PhD Field Guide

Ag PhD
The Ag PhD Field Guide helps you to identify problem pests out in your field. You can browse weeds by name or by photo. The Ag PhD Field Guide also gives you the most up-to-date agronomy information through the FMC HatchTrak newsletter and the Ag PhD University.

AgWeb News & Markets

Farm Journal, Inc.
Get the latest agribusiness news and advice. Read ag management news, farm business blogs and articles from one trusted source |

Nebraska Conservation Trees

The roots of conservation run deep in Nebraska, the birthplace of Arbor Day. Many millions of trees have been planted in the state since settlement, and each year hundreds of thousands more are added by Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts. These trees shade and shelter homes, reduce soil erosion, protect crops and livestock, provide food and cover for wildlife, buffer noise, provide valuable products and add beauty to the landscape.Now you can learn about species that are recommended for use in Nebraska in the Conservation Trees for Nebraska app. Produced by Nebraska's NRDs with assistance from the Nebraska Forest Service, the app features species information and photos for almost four dozen conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs suitable for conservation plantings in Nebraska. Features:•Species descriptions for almost four dozen recommended conservation tree and shrub species•Full photos and detailed closeups of all species (tap to enlarge)•Recommended row spacings for planting•Vegetative zone information for all species•Filter view to include only trees for your vegetative zone•Information on planting and other services offered by Nebraska's NRDs•Information on how to order conservation trees

Corn N Rate Calculator

University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest Management
This app is designed to assist producers in selecting a nitrogen (N) rate that improves profitability when nitrogen and corn prices fluctuate. Maximum return to N (MRTN) is the N rate that will be most profitable for a particular N:Corn price ratio. The MRTN rate is the large number expressed in lbs N/acre at the bottom of the screen, and is the total N rate recommended for your field. From this number, you need to subtract the lbs N/acre starter you apply and subtract the lbs N/acre N credits you take. Below the single large number is the range of N rates that result in profitability within $1/acre of the MRTN rate.

Crop Water

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln
The Crop Water App was developed at the request of Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network (NAWMN) participants. This app provides an easy way to estimate soil water status based on Watermark sensors installed at depths of 1, 2, and 3 feet. With these sensor readings, the Crop Water app will estimate the water used as well as what is still available for Nebraska soils. You can also see historic sensor readings and graph. Check out the NAWMN at: