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Bee-friend your garden

WildKnowledge Ltd
Life for pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and moths is increasingly difficult, with many species numbers in decline. We are asking you to record the insects that visit your garden to build our understanding of which plants are most attractive to these insects. You will be participating in a Citizen Science project that will generate thousands of insect observations of the plants that pollinating insects like to visit. This app enables you to:• Record details of the pollinating insects on your chosen plants• Plot these results to see which of your plants is the most popular• Upload the data to our central databaseThe data you gather, along with the photos you take, will be used in a research project being undertaken by the University of Sussex. The Earthwatch Institute in association with Waitrose and The Crown Estate is facilitating this research. So what are you waiting for? Bee-friend your garden!


BeeSmart™ Pollinator Gardener
Plant a garden that butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees will love as much as you!The BeeSmart™ Pollinator Gardener is your comprehensive guide to selecting plants for pollinators specific to your area. Never get caught wondering what plants to buy again!With the BeeSmart™ Pollinator Gardener’s easy user interface, browse through a database of nearly 1,000 native plants. Filter your plants by what pollinators you want to attract, light and soil requirements, bloom color, and plant type.This is an excellent plant reference to attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, beetles, bats, and other pollinators to the garden, farm, school and every landscape.Features include:• Nearly 1,000 pollinator friendly plants native to the United States.• Customizable plant lists based on your preferences including pollinator type, flower color, soil type, sunlight and plant type.• Regionally specific plant lists based on the geographical and ecological attributes of your location (your ecoregion) just by entering your zip code!• A wide variety of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, and vines to browse.• An easy to use search option for querying on common or botanical plant names.• Colorful plant images.• Star your favorite plants to make smaller, customized lists.• Once you’ve created your customized plant list, simply bring it to a nursery or garden center – never forget what to buy or plant again!• Snap a picture of a new plant, your location is automatically recorded and you can add a reminder to pick a plant at the nursery.BeeSmart™ Pollinator Gardener app is brought to you by the nonprofit organization, the Pollinator Partnership.Pollinator Partnership is the largest organization working to protect the health of managed and native pollinating animals vital to our North American ecosystems and agriculture.

Calibrate My Sprayer

Clemson University
This app was created to aid in the proper calibration of spraying equipment. Simply select the type of sprayer you want to calibrate (Broadcast or Banded), insert values in each input box, select what you want the app to calculate (Volume/Area or Catch/Nozzle), and tap 'Calculate'. Each input's units can be customized by tapping the units. Sprayers can be saved with user-defined names.

Cash Grain Bids

Farm Journal, Inc.
See what your local grain elevators are paying. With AgWeb's Cash Grain Bids app, simply input your ZIP code to find out cash bids and base levels in your area. Get bids from not one, but five elevators closest to you. This tool is independently contracted by Farm Journal Media and brought to you by Bayer.

Connected Farm Fleet

Trimble Navigation
Use Connected Farm to monitor your entire fleet from any location with a smartphone or tablet. The Connected Farm™ fleet app is a powerful management tool for viewing live equipment GPS locations and current status information in order to increase fleet efficiency and productivity. Status information includes whether the vehicle is idling, moving, working or delayed. Fleet managers can view alerts when a vehicle travels into a restricted zone or if it is operating during curfew hours. If a vehicle needs onsite assistance, the app provides turn-by-turn directions from your current position. Like other Trimble products, the app works well with many equipment brands which provide a flexible solution for fleet managers worldwide. If you already have a Connected Farm account with vehicle management service enabled, simply download the app and enter your login information. In case you are not a customer yet, a demo function is available to explore the features provided before subscribing to the service. FEATURES: • View multiple equipment positions along with your current position overlaid on background imagery or road maps. • Create and display landmarks such as structures, storage locations, irrigation/drainage, home/office, or other important landmarks. Landmarks can be displayed on top of background imagery to help identify the location of remote vehicles. • View current status information such as on/off, idling, moving, delayed, speeding, and traveling. • Navigate to equipment from your current position using turn-by-turn directions. • Receive geo-fence and curfew alerts. • View historical positions. App Support: Go to Note: Connected Farm fleet app is optimized for Android mobile phones. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Harvest to Hand

American National
Harvest to Hand is a free app that can help you find locally harvested food, seasonal agritourism venues, food festivals, farmers markets and much more where ever you may be located in the United States.View by list or on the map to see what’s going on where you are, mark your favorites and share your Harvest to Hand experience with others through Facebook and Twitter.*** HELP IMPROVE OUR LISTINGS! ***Do you represent a local food or farm venue? Is your favorite farmers market missing hours of operations? Want to market your local event or share a favorite in your area? We want to hear about it! Help foodies connect to local agriculture around you by visiting and completing our form. Remember to buy local!

ID Weeds

University of Missouri - Extension Division
The Weed ID Guide is produced by the University of Missouri's College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources' Division of Plant Science. The Weed ID Guide allows you to search for weeds by their common or latin name, view a list of weeds, or identify weeds based upon a number of different characteristics. Details about each weed are presented, along with photograph(s) of the weed specified.ID Weeds is provided by the University of Missouri Extension.


Invasive Plant Atlas of New England

IPM Toolkit

University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest Management
This app allows you to read news articles, view videos, download publications, and access pictures which will aid you in adapting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to your agricultural operation.


IveGot1 brings the power of EDDMapS to your Android. Now you can submit invasive species observations directly with your Android from the field. These reports are uploaded to EDDMapS and e-mailed directly to local and state verifiers for review. IveGot1 was developed by the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health through a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service, in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants. IveGot1 is more than just an app, it is an integrated invasive species reporting and outreach campaign for Florida that includes the app, a website with direct access to invasive species reporting and a hotline 1-888-IVEGOT1 for instant reports of live animals.Every year more than 85 million people visit Florida. However, people are not Florida's only visitors; Florida is also an inviting destination for invasive species that threaten to undermine the health of our environment. More than an inconvenience, invasive plants and animals can greatly alter our native landscape, adversely impact native wildlife, destroy agricultural crops and threaten our health. Invasions of exotic species cost Floridians over $500 million each year. The economic costs are small compared to the ecological ones. Florida has millions of acres of public lands; these lands furnish us the water we drink, the air we breathe and countless recreational opportunities. These public lands are highly vulnerable to invasion by exotic plant and animal species; it is estimated that more than 1.7 million acres of Florida’s natural areas have been infested by invasive species.By reporting sightings of invasive animals and plants, we can better assess the extent of the infestations and hopefully eradicate new infestations before they become huge problems such as melaleuca or Burmese pythons. The goal of IveGot1 is to make identification and reporting easy and efficient as possible.Features:Easy species reporting that captures your current location and allows you to submit an image of your sightings. IveGot1 allows for both online and offline reporting with reports saved on your phone for uploading when you have network connectivity.Images and information on Florida's worst non-native invasive animals and plants.Real-time point distribution maps centered on your current location.Get Involved - Join the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council or your local Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) through the Florida Invasive Species Partnership.Powered by EDDMapS - The University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health's Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System. EDDMapS allows for real time tracking of invasive species occurrences using local and national distribution maps and electronic early detection reporting tools.