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Arkansas Farm Bureau

Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation
Need a tool to help you stay better informed about issues in Arkansas agriculture? This application provides up-to-date information regarding commodity futures and cash market prices, important news and legislative alerts, the benefits of Farm Bureau membership, and a calendar of events. If you are not currently a member, just go Join to start the process of becoming a member of Arkansas Farm Bureau.Application features:• Benefits that provide cost savings to Farm Bureau members such as insurance, hotels, GM discounts and more• Arkansas crops with cash markets, futures and insightful analysis and commentary from Arkansas Farm Bureau commodity analysts• News important to farmers, including legislative, agriculture and national information• Calendar of events• Alert notification on urgent action items

Bayer Pest Spotter

Bayer CropScience UK Ltd
Bayer CropScience's Pest Spotter app is designed to help growers and advisers in the UK to identify pests of commercial arable and vegetable crops.Based on the popular Pest Spotter books, the app contains photographs of over 70 pests, which are easily found either through selecting crop and pest type, or an A-Z list.For each pest, extensive further information explains:- how to identify each pest- the crop symptoms it causes- the pest's life cycle- it's importance- the thresholds for treatmentPests from the following crops are included in the app:- Carrots- Leeks- Onions- Cereals- Field brassicas- Oilseed rape- Peas and beans- Potatoes - Sugar beetTo make sure your version has the latest information click "update content" from the "More" menu.Further information can be found on our website at or by ringing the Bayer Assist technical helpline on 0845 6092266 or 01223 226644.This app contains data for UK market only.

Bayer TurfXpert

2 dam creative
The new ‘Bayer TurfXpert’ app contains photographs and detailed information on over 100 turf diseases, turf weeds and turf insect pests found in the UK. High resolution images of weeds and a simple to use disease and weed identifier tool allows turf managers to arrive at a treatment or a cultural management solution. For turf disease diagnosis a 4 step process has to be followed and for weed identification it’s only a simple 2 step process. This allows for quick and easy identification while in the field. In the case where the turf problem cannot be easily identified, Bayer has provided a camera option allowing photographs to be uploaded and sent direct to their Field Sales Support Manager for personalised identification within 2 working days. A guide to all Bayer turf products are also featured in the app. Details are provided on the products’ key features including an “approved for use on” as a quick guide to effective treatment.All product information pages have links to Bayer’s website allowing access to the material safety data sheets (MSDS’s) and label text.A distributor tab, segmented by area, allows users to discover where genuine Bayer products can be sourced from. Phone, email and web details are provided for all of the official Bayer distributors.The app offers advice on:- The situation, occurrence and treatment for each turf problem - The identification, life cycle and problems caused by turf insects - A camera option to help identify unknown weeds or diseases- The thresholds for treatmentThis app is designed for turf managers responsible for maintenance and development of all types of managed turf especially golf greenkeepers and sports stadia groundsmen.

Farm At Hand

Farm At Hand Inc.
Built by farmers for farmers, Farm At Hand is your complete farm management app. Farm At Hand is a free, cloud-based farm app that allows you to manage your entire farming operation from seed to sale, anytime, anywhere via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Easy to use and intuitive, this farm app gives you the power to accomplish the following: Fields - from planting to spraying to observations and harvest, track and schedule all field activities with precisionStorage, Contracts and Deliveries - trace every bushel from the bin to the buyer and all the details in betweenEquipment - manage your fleet on the go and follow all equipment details, maintenance logs and part numbersSafe and Secure - you own and control your farm data. You choose whom to share your data with, the decisions will always be in your hands. We don’t compromise on privacy. Accessibility - available anytime, anywhere and is synced among all your devices.Collaboration - share access with your team with permission levels. Know what has been happening with one easy view on the CalendarConvenience - easily convert all units and measurements without leaving the app. Bushels to Metric Tonnes, Feet to Meters - no problem!We’re always adding new features, functionality and integrations to better serve you. Check out for updates or contact us at, we’d love to hear from you! Download now, completely FREE, to take your farm management from the notebook to the cloud.

Farm Progress

iNet Solutions Group, Inc
Keep up on local ag news, grain and livestock markets, enhanced weather and blogs with the new Farm Progress app. The app automatically directs you to the right local Farm Progress website, or you can choose your favorite. The app offers access to American Agriculturist, California Farmer, Carolina-Virginia Farmer, Dakota Farmer, Indiana Prairie Farmer, Kansas Farmer, Michigan Farmer, Mid-South Farmer, Missouri Ruralist, Nebraska Farmer, Ohio Farmer, Prairie Farmer, Southern Farmer, The Farmer, The Farmer-Stockman, Wallaces Farmer, Western Farmer-Stockman and Wisconsin Agriculturist.

Fertilizer Removal By Crop

Ag PhD
The Ag PhD Fertilizer Removal by Crop application is a great reference for you as you plan fertilizer applications on your farm. Simply select your crop and the desired yield for that crop, and you will be given the amount of vital crop nutrients that your desired yield will need. Results can be saved within the app and e-mailed to yourself or your agronomist for later reference.

Flower Bulb Pics and Info 2.3

Provalue Services bv
Picture and Info database with current and latest lilium, tulip, gladiolus and iris varieties. Alphabetical sorted with high quality pictures with all cultivar info of each varietie

Forest Insect Pests

Forest Insect Pests in North AmericaThe photos present in this App are intended to help foresters, urban landscaping employees, or others working with trees recognize some of the common pest insects affecting trees in North America and understand their life cycles and how they damage trees. The information was drawn from book, websites, factsheets, and some original literature. This App is not a guide for specialists. In many groups, such as the bark beetles and aphids, confirmation of species identity requires attention to details not visible in photos with comparisons to other similar species and use of keys. Sources for further information (websites and articles) are given at the bottom of each species' page.

Grow Organic Herbs FREE
"Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" from Garden Organic is a FREE handy, quick-reference tool, providing tips and advice for all those who want to start growing organic herbs."Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" is ideal for those with no experience who want to start organic gardening. It makes a useful quick reference tool for more experienced gardeners and is also recommended for children, the gardeners of the future."Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" is the companion app to our other apps, “Grow Your Own Vegetables”, "Grow Your Own Organic Fruits", “Home Composting” and “Organic Gardening Guidelines”."Grow Your Own Organic Herbs" is divided into two main sections: Get Started & Grow Herbs.Get StartedTips for growing organic including:- composting- use of organically grown seeds- encouraging wildlife that feed on pests- mulching- conservation of water- things to avoid
Grow HerbsAn illustrated A-Z growing guide for popular herb varieties, each with useful facts on:- suggested species- how and when to plant- growing tips- average growing period- equipment needed- germination time- average plant size- family group to grow with- seed information- when to harvest- key nutritional content- PLUS a handy calendar to help you plan your gardening year
Organic gardeners focus their energy into increasing the natural health of their soil, choosing appropriate plant varieties, and working with nature to produce a healthy and productive garden.The organic approach to growing recognises that all living things depend on one another, from pests and soil to flowers and wildlife, all are inter-related - even us. We are all responsible for how we treat the soil and the environment, to safeguard it for future generations.By using organic methods for your kitchen garden, allotment, or community garden, you can 'grow your own' free from pesticides in healthy soil maintained with compost from recycled materials.
About Garden OrganicGarden Organic is the UK national charity dedicated to researching and promoting sustainable growing, and has been at the forefront of organic horticulture for over 50 years. Garden Organic has aimed to ensure this app will be of real practical use and cover every aspect of vegetable growing using organic methods.Organic gardening methods harness the natural cycles and processes that promote plant growth. The app will help users care for the environment and to cut their ‘carbon footprint’ by ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ resources, while creating a flourishing growing space.Why organic gardening mattersGardening and growing offers great benefits for us all - benefits for the environment, for people’s health and wellbeing, for food security and for building stronger communities. Our outdoor growing space, be it the private garden, community garden, allotment, school garden, or just a small space nearby, is a place where we relax and recharge both spiritually and physically. It is also a place where we can learn and reconnect with nature and the food we eat and where we can take practical action to adopt sustainable lifestyles.Using the organic approach to gardening and growing, which Garden Organic has been promoting for over 50 years, will ensure that these benefits can be achieved and enjoyed to their full potential.

Bayer Weed Spotter

Bayer CropScience UK Ltd
Based on the extremely popular Bayer CropScience weed guide, the weed spotter app takes weed identification in UK arable and vegetable crops one step further, by allowing users to make accurate identification using a unique interactive filtering system. The app has colour photos of nearly 100 common grass and broad-leaved weeds found in commercial crops.Grass-weeds can be identified through following a simple question and answer menu identifying one or more of the following features:- whether leaves are rolled or folded in the stem- whether rhizomesor stolons are present- whether auricles are present- the ligule lengthSimilarly, broad-leaved weeds can be identified by pinpointing one or more of the following features:- cotyledon shape- true leaf shape- and flower colourAlternatively users can browse by growth stage, comparing weeds just after emergence or at flowering, or by searching for weeds in the A-Z menu.For each weed, extensive further information describes:- general look of the weed- ligule shape and size- whether auricles are present- the leaf blade characteristics- and the weed's importanceTo make sure your version has the latest information click "update content" from the "More" menu.Further information can be found on our website at or by ringing the Bayer Assist technical helpline on 0845 6092266 or 01223 226644.This app contains data for UK market only.